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#NoKidsPolicy Gaining Steam with @IMKristenBell’s Fight Against the #pedorazzi


#NoKidsPolicy Gaining Steam with @IMKristenBell’s Fight Against the #pedorazzi

I don’t usually follow Hollywood stars- I am too busy chasing my toddler after work. (At Regan we have other PR events specialists who pitch our celebrity parties, red carpet events and sponsorships, while I focus on hard news.) However, something brewing in LaLa has caught my attention.

For years, we have heard stars complain that their children should be off-limits to the paparazzi. Nothing has seemed to work… until now. Coincidentally, a star who has appeared in the Regan Blog before (for her viral sloth meltdown video) is trending again, while leading the charge for a celebrity #nokidspolicy from the media. As of this afternoon, People Magazine and JustJared.com are the first to sign on.

This is a PR win for both outlets, and I would advise others to be quick to follow.

While many other Hollywood actors, like Jennifer Garner and Halle Berry, have voiced similar concerns.  Bell, with husband Dax Shepart, have been most vocal lately. The couple, who have an almost-one-year-old girl named Lincoln, recently gave  the Today show and interview about aggressive paparazzi who are more interested in celebrity offspring than the celebrities themselves. After Suri Cruise was heard yelling in a crowd of paparazzi “Stop guys, stop.” Bell posted a video of the scary scene and started by taking aim on twitter, mentioning People magazine first.

“dear @peoplemag -scaring & harassing kids isn’t ‘entertainment news’. pls agree to stop using #pedorazzi shots. #nokidspolicy RT IF U AGREE,” she wrote.

Today’s statement by People editor Jess Cagle, makes clear their position, which she says she instituted last month. Whether they changed their policy under duress from the recent twitter outrage, or just made it more public today, this announcement will earn points with the public.

People’s editor’s statement explained, “My colleagues and I are journalists, but we’re also mothers and fathers and aunts and uncles. I have close friends who are actors, and I’ve seen them struggle to protect their kids from photographers and reporters who cross the line. At PEOPLE we pride ourselves on covering entertainment and human-interest stories with respect for the truth and compassion for our subjects. We grow and evolve by listening to our audience – but also by being fair to the people we write about in print and online. – Jess Cagle, Editorial Director of PEOPLE”

The public goodwill  – especially from parents and grandparents who read celebrity gossip – and the favorable treatment (with exclusive interviews) from stars who care about protecting their kids’ privacy will boost these brands, while those who refuse to join the policy may see the tables turn with #pedorazzi boycott from both stars and the public. Advertisers may even join in to support those media companies leading the way, while withholding revenue from rags that continue to chase the toddler trends. I would advise family-friendly brands with ad dollars to spend, to get on board with this movement.

People magazine staffers have proven that they are people, and that the “pedorazzi” are monsters who won’t make money scaring kids anymore.Parents should be the only ones chasing after their toddlers – with diaper bags in hand instead of a threatening lens.  I am looking forward to seeing what other celebrity media will show their human side as well.

– Nicole Glor, team New York

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