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New York Sports Clubs Celebrates Nan’s 100th Birthday!



Recently I had the privilege of working with a client that reminded me why I love public relations and in her honor, I am dedicating Team NYC’s blog spot to one of the most inspiring women I have had the pleasure of meeting – 100 year old New York Sports Club member and SilverSneakers enthusiast, Elizabeth “Nan” Smith.

When you think of fitness rock stars, Jillian Michaels or Bob Harper may come to mind. Even though Nan isn’t swinging kettle bells or dropping into burpees, she still dedicates two days every week to working out at her own pace — alongside her peers at SilverSneakers classes, the nation’s leading exercise program for older adults hosted at New York Sports Club in Garden City, NY.

I had the honor of joining her and her NYSC family and closest friends during her 100th Birthday Workout Party at NYSC in Garden City, NY. Yes, you read that right – workout birthday party! She joined NYSC in 2003, at the age of 89, and has been attending the cardio-packed workout ever since.

Nan and her friends celebrated her birthday, health and wellbeing with hamstring curls, toe taps, and even some shimmies at the end – Nan’s favorite move!

The class ended with an affirmation: “I am strong today, I am happy today, I am healthy today, I am grateful today!” I have to say, I was grateful that day as well to have been a part of Nan’s celebration. She is an inspiration to everyone in that class, her instructors, and to me.

I was also extra excited to see the positive response from local and national media and how eager they were to share her inspiring story. Seeing the heartwarming coverage in Newsday, Self magazine and WABC (just to name a few), it is stories and clients like these that make me love what I do.

Next time I think about skipping a workout, I will think about Nan and will lace up my gym shoes and hope that one day I will still be working out at 100 too.

Wishing Nan 100 more years of happiness and health – Happy Birthday from RCG NYC!


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