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My Experience as a Spring Intern



The quick sound of a swoosh, a small number appearing in the corner of my mailbox and a new email addressed to me from an address that didn’t end in the typical university standard. The email that in the moment made me want to cry, laugh, dance, throw confetti, and maybe drop to my knees in excitement. “We would like to offer you the position of Team Creative Spring Intern”.

I had heard in class over and over again that my internship would be one of the most important parts of my college career. Sure enough, every time I heard it I believed it a little less. As a part of the Regan Communications team this past spring, I would like to retract every opinion I ever held about being an intern and encourage every person I know to apply at Regan.

After accepting the position (obviously), nervously making my way into Boston, navigating my way through unfamiliar and winding historical roads, I started the position that would mold me into the future-corporate woman I am today. Initially a member of Team Creative, I took on the responsibility of tracking social media, drafting posts for the in-house publication, and working side-by-side with my supervisor to learn the ins and outs of teaching the art of social media. It wasn’t long though before my feet hit the ground and I was running – running faster than I ever thought I was capable of.

In three short months, I have learned more about the world of communications than I had ever gathered from a textbook. Working with big name clients and making appearances as an intern for other teams, I’ve been able to craft a strong portfolio of my own; I’ve seen projects that began as a blank word document on my computer transform into strategic proposals and media kits.

As someone who had never been a part of an office environment, thanks to my time as an intern at Regan I can also say I’ve become a part of an incredible family. Every day I come into the office, I am greeted with smiling faces and laughter. Most importantly though, I’ve discovered who I am as a professional. During my first week I stuck to the textbook answers, not asking many questions. This didn’t last long though. In addition to feeling more comfortable, I began to ask questions, make connections with the people around me, and explore the industry. And I couldn’t be anymore grateful for this personal breakthrough.

They always say that an internship is an easy way to discover if you’re in the right field. Thanks to Regan Communications and the incredible Reganites it’s composed of, I know that I am not only where I belong in the communications field, but am also able to excel and take on tasks that I never knew I was capable of completing.

Life is more than testing the water, it’s jumping in with both feet. Into Union Wharf, that is.


– Carly Walter

Spring Intern


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