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This year, Monster Jam promises the same thrilling experience everyone knows and loves when Path of Destruction stops in Foxboro, MA on June 21st, with one huge difference: its venue. For the first time ever in New England, Monster Jam will take place in a stadium, and not just any one – Gillette Stadium, home of the beloved New England Patriots. So, the question remains: how can public relations help make this event just as successful in a stadium fit to hold nearly 69,000 fans after years of filling arenas of 10-11,000 people?

For starters, turning it into an all-day event for Monster Jam fans – complete with a Breakfast with the Champions, a Party in the Pit, and an up-close and personal look at the trucks – helps. But, that’s not PR, you say. That’s event planning. Well, what we do here at Regan Communications is ensure that the public knows of this awesome opportunity available to Monster Jam’s most dedicated fans via PR, event planning, and social media campaigns all working together.

In today’s social media driven world, one of the greatest ways to gain awareness for your event is to start a hashtag, and then get that hashtag trending. If you really want to up your social media game, convince the world champion Monster Jam truck drivers to post the hashtag to Twitter or Instagram. Monster Jam’s own Twitter account has 22,300 followers; those are nearly 23,000 impressions to make with just one hashtag.

“If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?” Well, Monster Jam Path of Destruction will surely be making noise, and we want even those who don’t attend to hear it. To do this, we want to catch the attention of all appropriate media outlets to cover the event in advance, come cover the event and then write about it.

The success of this event could be measured not just by how many tickets are sold, how much fun those attending had, but by how much those who didn’t attend, wish they had.

-Team Lisa

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