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Mobile-centric is such a new term that, according to Wordnik, it has recently been looked up 724 times for a definition, is no one’s favorite word yet, is on no lists yet, has no comments yet, and is not yet an entry in the Urban Dictionary. However, mobile-centric IS the new wave of marketing and the buzz word trending for brand and business. ADWEEK just posted a new article this week entitled, Facebook’s Business Pages Are Getting a Mobile-Centric Overhaul. The copy touts Facebook’s desire to be the middleman between the sales lead and the consumer through its Call-To-Action button on the re-vamped Business Page app that allows for more consumer engagement.  Media leaders like VentureBeat state that a mobile-centric world is our reality today. The article goes on to suggest that company leaders need to transform their organizations from top to bottom to focus on delighting customers and achieving performance-driven results — and nowhere is that more true than in mobile. News Analysis reports that right now, smart phones, tablets, and mobile apps are leading the way. According to a Forrester report, 80 percent of time spent on mobile devices takes place within apps. Consumer attention is most effectively captured through a mobile device app and cloud-centric software can track these interactions effectively to target-market audiences and pioneer marketing strategies. LinkedIn is now offering branding webinars to explore mobile-centric marketing campaigns using its data from member profiles to reach a specific audience with relevant content. The app is also offering LinkedIn Sponsored Updates, adding pixels to landing pages to track traffic as well as its own analytics platform for business users. San Francisco just hosted MobileBeat, an hour-long session titled “Leadership and Culture: Driving a Mobile-Centric Mentality Across the Organization,” where mobile thought leaders from FedEx, StubHub, Universal Mind, Deezer, and BlackRock explored the future of mobile and the future of business success. This was a must-attend event for companies serious about growing a business through mobile. Highlights featured challenges every organization faces in the mobile-first era:

  • Growth-hacking / customer acquisition: What are the winning strategies, and what works best if you’re short on time?
  • Hyper personalization: How to make users love what you do, and what your brand stands for by delivering exactly the right message at the right time.
  • The mobile video revolution: Mobile video is exploding in 2015. What does this shift mean for you, and how should your marketing strategy reflect this?
  • The art of mobile design: How to think “mobile first” to engage and delight your users on these new platforms.
  • Mobile user acquisition: How the most successful developers get better users for less money (courtesy of Liftoff).
  • Personalization: How to reach the right user with the right message at the right time on any device.

Now is the time to gain a mobile-centric mindset and grab up as much mobile-centric knowledge as possible. Formulate answers to the challenges highlighted to offer clients mobile-extended promotions and brand development, and carry it on successfully. It will put you ahead of a rapidly bending curve, and make you even more valuable to your clients.

–Lori Herrala, Alchemy

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