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Making the best of this New England weather


snowWith the record amounts of snowfall we’ve had, it’s difficult to see springtime in our future. It seems with every Sunday comes another record-breaking storm, and with it, another cold and difficult beginning to each work week.

When is it going to end?!

As New Englanders, we are prepared for all weather patterns. Extreme snow one day, to possible beach weather the next; even the occasional tornado! This year was one of the worst, with only a few feet away from being the snowiest winter in New England’s HISTORY. No one expected the negative impact it would have on daily life and businesses.

With even more snow and cold weather heading for us, the only thing we can start to do is turn this snowmageddon into a positive!

How, you might ask? Here are a few tips:

  • The snow makes for great social media content. Not only is the white stuff beautiful (take a step back and look – it IS, isn’t it?), but it’s also a great conversation starter. Everyone’s talking about it, so why not join in on the conversation and get your clients some traction!
  •  It’s safe to say that we’ve all been experiencing some serious cabin fever these snow packed weekends. Though many of us opted to stay home while the blizzard hit, which affected businesses very badly, we New Englanders are finally getting the hang of how to navigate through this snow-filled tundra. We’ve all got our snow boots on, our shovels in hand and are ready to go out and resume daily life! Go support your local businesses who are inevitably hurting.
  •  #DidYouKnow? Studies have shown that being out in the cold weather actually boosts creativity! That is great news for we Public Relations Professionals whose career it is to be creative every moment of the work day. Bundle up and get out there, even if it’s just for a few seconds during lunch- you may come up with something genius.


-Alex Kasper, Team Providence

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