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Internship Interview Tips



It is the time of year when companies are interviewing for their new semester of interns. If you are interviewing for an internship or job opportunities, here are some tips you can use to ace your interview:

1.  Don’t show up too early. The sweet spot for arrival is about 10 minutes prior to your interview.  You definitely do not want to arrive late or on-the-dot of your interview time, and arriving too early can sometimes inconvenience your interviewer. If you arrive early, wait in the car, take a walk, or grab a coffee before heading into the office.

2. Have questions ready. Thinking on your feet is part of the interview process.  You should have a few questions ready to ask during or at the end of the interview. Even if all of your questions were answered, if the interviewer
asks “do you have any questions for us” always be sure to come up with something on the spot. Re-review the job description before your interview so you don’t ask obvious questions where you already know the answers.

3. Know who you are interviewing with. Do background research and know the interviewers. Do you share an alma matter? Did you play the same sport? Are you part of the same networking organization? Using any similarities can connect you with the team. Or if you don’t have any connection, show that you did you research: “I saw you got your degree in [whatever the degree is], how did that prepare you for your current role?”

4. Bring your resume. Always bring unfolded, unwrinkled copies of your resume with you to the interview. Many times the interviewer will print out copies of your resume ahead of time, but make sure you have ample copies of
your resume with you in case they did not have time to print it out. Also, if you have updated your resume since submitting, be sure to bring copies of that.

5. Stand out. Interviewers will be reviewing dozens of applicants, so many sure to allow you to stand out. Whether you bring coffees to the interview for the team, you have a portfolio to show, or you can relate to the interviewers through an alma matter or hobby.

Good luck with your interview, and I hope these tips help you land your dream internship!  Check out Regan’s internship opportunities here: www.regancomm.com/contact-us/internships.


–Team Julie

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