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Interning at Regan Communications


It’s the first week in December. To most people, this is one of the most exciting times of year as we get to spend more time with friends and family, indulge in delicious food, shop for gifts and celebrate the winter season.

As a college junior, this first week of December can be a whirlwind. On top of the holiday merriment, I am also submitting final assignments, wrapping up my fall semester internship at Regan in Boston, studying for exams and preparing to study abroad. Between managing all of these equally important tasks, it’s easy to feel buried under the pressure of deadlines (and the looming possibility of snow).

While this may sound daunting, I’ve developed skills at Regan to handle each of these pressures with a clear mind and sharp focus. Juggling several tasks, thoughts and to-do lists in my personal life is a lot like my day-to-day life interning at a large PR agency such as Regan. One minute, I might be pushing out a media advisory about an upcoming fundraiser, drafting a media list for fitness clients or taking photos, while hours later, you could find me staffing a themed event in the Seaport District surrounded by puppies (it’s happened before)! Needless to say I’ve gotten fairly good at juggling!

Just like making sure to spend time with different members of my family during the holiday season, I have devoted time familiarizing myself with my team’s various and diverse clients. Between social media postings and press monitoring, I learned the different personality and image that each client possesses. I’ve learned to cater my writing and train of thought to each different brand, just the same way I’m preparing to have different conversations with my grandfather and 14 year-old cousins on Christmas Eve.

Interning at Regan has been a wonderful experience that taught me skills that I’ll be able to carry through the rest of my career and my life. While these next few weeks may be a whirlwind of holiday fun and seemingly endless to-do lists, my time at Regan armed me with several tools to keep each of the balls rolling!

—  Francesca Blanch, Team Mariellen intern

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