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It’s been said more than once on this blog that social media is important to the communications and public relations industries. As publicists, we’re constantly scanning our social media newsfeeds that we curate for ourselves to stay on top of the news, whether it’s personal or corporate accounts that we follow. As a social media junkie, here are my top five Instagram accounts I’m currently loving this month (in no particular order):


@banksy – This famous British graffiti artist and political activist recently created work that appears on walls throughout the besieged Palestinian territory, but his every day work is just as impressive and moving.


 @oscarprgirl – When New York Fashion Week approaches, fashionistas flock to Instagram to follow those capturing every minute inside fashion’s biggest events. As the long-time publicist for one of the most prestigious fashion houses,  Erika Bearman so accurately captures the Oscar de la Renta brand without the overly-corporate tone.


@bostonballet – Even if it isn’t Nutcracker season, this elegant documentation behind-the-scenes at the Boston Ballet is not to be missed. Here you’ll find video of performances, photos of rehearsals, costumes and more. This really is where the magic happens, people.


@boston (boston.com) – If there’s an Instagram account that accurately depicts Boston, let this be it. From heavy snowfall shots, to iconic images of our beautiful city, @boston captures and reposts the best images from users throughout the city.


@unionsquaredonuts – This deliciously dangerous account from Union Square Donuts in Somerville captures as much “donut” as humanly possible. Think toppings like sprinkles, chocolate, sugar coating, jelly, peanut butter and bacon. Disclaimer: Following this account may cause extreme cravings for donuts.

What Instagram accounts are you loving? Don’t forget to follow Regan Communications on Instagram at @regancomm!

 –  Carolyn Rasley, Account Executive


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