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Instagram Accounts We Love: Part II


Earlier this year on the blog, I shared a handful of my favorite Instagram accounts. Because our newsfeeds are constantly shifting and being re-curated, I wanted to share a few accounts I’ve discovered and have been enjoying lately. As a self-proclaimed social media and photography junkie, here are my top five Instagram accounts I’m loving this month (in no particular order):


3 pounds of lobster? Talk about #foodieheaven. STRIP’s popular account shares photos of everything decadent including desserts, craft cocktails, steak and more. If you’re on the Boston food scene, you need to be following this hotspot for everything delicious and trendy.












I follow more than a few humor accounts on Instagram, but @SocalityBarbie gets a shout-out for originality. In the words of People, this parody account posts photos of a hipster Barbie “living her best, most authentic life and, like all Instagram users, she’s desperate to prove it to you.” It’s not a coincidence that her posts remind us all of “that girl” on social media who is trying too hard and always boasts about traveling, having a ton of friends and being in the know on the latest artisanal trend or product.












If you love hip craft beverages, look no further. With thoughtful yet simple photography, the playful captions and shots of the firepits next to the Mystic River in Assembly Row always give us the strong desire to firmly grasp a Marceline The Vampire Queen cocktail (pictured below).




Personally, I enjoy following artists of all kinds. Whether it be a poet, photographer or a typographist, you could say consuming ascetically pleasing images is a pastime of mine. With varied fonts and calligraphy, @thewriting depicts edgy and inspiring words and phrases in the simplicity of black and white that are sure to stimulate your creativity. 













What once began as a simple Facebook page, is now a cultural sensation accurately depicting every part of humanity. With over 15 million Facebook “likes” and 3.9 million Instagram followers, check out this account to see touching personal stories from all over the world. Over the past few months, the account has been spotlighting the refugee crisis and sharing stories from those who have escaped the hands of ISIS. Warning: Some emotional posts may produce tears of both sadness and joy.










What Instagram accounts are you loving? Don’t forget to follow Regan Communications on Instagram at @regancomm.


–          Carolyn Rasley, Account Executive    

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