Are you struggling to find the right story angle for your client on a holiday? Trying to find a way to make editors give a small story big coverage?

As public relations experts, clients often ask us to come up with new angles and content during the holidays. That can present a challenge for anyone but sometimes the solution can be right in front of you.  In truth, inspiration is everywhere—in the seasons, the natural world and the universe around you. For this exercise, we will stay a little more grounded.

 I was recently tasked with writing a pitch for Regan Communications Group client Heritage Museums & Gardens in Sandwich, MA, which has a treasure trove of classic cars, during President’s Day weekend.  The car in question is gorgeous. But when I received the assignment, all I could see was cars. Not only that, but we were walking into one of the biggest sale weekends for new cars.  So with a barrage of car sales pitches … all I saw was cars on top of cars.

How was I going to make my car stand out?