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Innovative Baking Technology: Spray Cake


To say that I am a foodie is an understatement – I am addicted to food. If (and when) I magically win the lottery someday, I am afraid to say that my first purchase will be at a grocery store buying endless amounts of artisan cheese, fresh baguettes, baking supplies, Italian sodas, avocados, heirloom tomatoes… you get the picture. Food makes me happy and it is nothing short of a miracle that I do not weigh 800 pounds.

My foodie cravings and craziness aside, no judgment please, I try and keep up-to-date with the latest baking innovations. The most recent creation to tempt my sweet tooth is spray cake logounquestionably Spray Cake. In case you have not heard the latest news about this ground-breaking technology, it was masterminded by two Harvard students who won the 2014 Harvard College Innovation Challenge. The idea is that people can purchase cake batter in a can, similar to a whipped cream can, then spray the batter into a baking pan to cook in the microwave. Even more amazing is that the cake supposedly tastes delicious, too.

Through my foodie viewpoint and branding experience,  this invention is a marketer’s dream. Not only is it an intriguing idea, but it makes life simple. Spray Cake’s biggest competitors are prepackaged cake mixes that require adding water, oil and eggs. This is easy enough to do, but it could take up to an hour to bake and can get messy. For Spray Cake, all the ingredients are already in the can and the bake time is only a minute – JUST ONE MINUTE –to bake a full cake. No messy dish clean-up and no lengthy wait for a delicious dessert. Another special feature? You can spray one cupcake serving (or two, or three) and save the rest for another time. The entire cake does not have to be made all at once – brilliant. Just imagine, you could easily make cake every night of the week without any mess or hassle. Pinch me I’m in dessert heaven.

While my opinion of Spray Cake clearly is not confidential, some might question whether or not this product will actually take off. Maybe consumers will think it makes life too easy. While they are still seeking a manufacturer, it might be wise to keep an eye on this product, or at least follow their Facebook page. In the past month they have been featured in various local newspapers, national morning shows and popular late-night television. Their expansion is real and their potential is unlimited.

-Andrea Missert

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