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Humanizing the Corporate Video



Legacy, innovation, styling and function, are just a few of the qualities Regan Original Video was tasked with conveying while producing our latest video for eyewear manufacture Randolph Engineering. Randolph stands alone as a quality eyewear choice based on their enduring founding principles and insistence on hand crafting and assembling their product in America.

To properly convey the scope of Randolph’s message, as well as their gigantic factory based in Randolph, Massachusetts, Team Creative spent days on the manufacturing floor capturing the over 200 plus steps that go into every pair of glasses produced.

But the real story behind Randolph’s success is it’s multi-generational leadership and it’s devotion to its employees. Thus we created the “It’s A Promise” campaign, which features everyone from the CEO to assembly line workers stating to the the viewer, “It’s not just a pair of glasses, its a promise.” This single unified message elevates the video from a mere corporate overview into a unique call to action that humanizes the brand.

To often when producing videos, a client’s message can get lost in the array of special effects and flashy techniques that are at your disposal, especially when working with stylish products like eyewear. It’s important to remember that people make the products we love and consume, and that that connection can be leveraged to create a an enduring bond between the consumer and the product.

In the end Regan Original Video was able to produce an ambitious and compelling video that served the dual purpose of showcasing Randolph’s superior product line and unique company legacy.
Check out the video HERE.

-David Hayman

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