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How To: Transition From “The Intern” to Full-Time Employee


I have always lived by the mantra, “work hard, play hard.” However, as I make my transition from former RCG Intern to full-time Account Coordinator, I find that I work a lot harder than I play… and it has paid off. While there is no recipe to successfully making the switch from intern to full-time employee, there are many steps you can take to remind your boss why she or he hired you.

Dress The Part

Now, I’m not advising you to wear a suit and tie to work everyday if your dress code is business casual, but I am suggesting you be mindful of your wardrobe options. Ladies, take the extra time in the morning to do your hair, put on some makeup and accessorize your outfit. Men, comb your cowlicks, iron your shirt and shine your shoes. Introducing yourself to your colleagues for the first time can be very similar to speed dating, first impressions matter!

Be Meticulous

There is no such thing as a rough draft in the PR world, and typos can be equally as shameful as the time you came into work late because you accidentally set your alarm for PM instead of AM. Even if you are just sending a friendly e-mail to a colleague, make sure you read it over multiple times to check for spelling, punctuation and grammar errors. Attention to detail is crucial with all things you do at work–do not underestimate its importance.

Likewise, take your time with your work; rushing through an assignment increases your chances at overlooking mistakes. I have learned to treat every project the same way I treated my most important midterms – put in 100% to get a 100%.

Do More Than What’s Expected of You

As an intern, you are given set hours and certain assignments to work on for the week. As the newbie, it is important you earn your place in the company by going above and beyond the expectations set by your boss and colleagues. Come in early, leave late. Read the newspapers before stepping into the office. Formulate and maintain relationships with your clients and their desired medias. And most importantly, seek out projects to do instead of just waiting for them to come to you.

Although some of the advice presented may seem obvious, we often neglect the small details that can really make a difference.

– Alyssa Bonventure

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