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How to Maximize Pet-Friendly PR


As publicists our job is to figure out what public relations means to each client; to look at the product or service they are hoping to promote and establish goals we will work with the client to meet; and whenever possible, to develop effective, fun ways to meet those goals. We have had the good fortune in our work with the beautiful Seaport Boston Hotel to accomplish all of this.

The Seaport Boston Hotel is a stunning, green property on Boston Harbor that was looking to promote that it is pet-friendly, not only allowing, but welcoming dogs. The goals were to highlight the great offerings they had in place and to design events that would draw travelers with dogs, increase web traffic, and inspire media coverage and expose the property to new eyes, while helping to make the neighborhood appealing as a destination. The hotel offers its four-legged guests special amenities, such as toys and an array of dog beds to choose from. Regan Communications Group, working closely with our counterparts at the hotel, determined our strategy to accomplish our goals would be to create signature events and ways to enhance existing programs that would resonate with dog lovers, and have enough of a hook to attract print, online, electronic and social media coverage/chatter. The target audiences would be those who travel with their dog, those who might be more likely to do so knowing their pooch was welcome, and local pet lovers who would attend dog-friendly events.  The value of securing coverage for any property, particularly hospitality clients, has benefits on many levels. It is crucial to remain focused on enhancing search engine optimization (SEO), making it easier for, in this case, the pet-friendly crowd to find information about Seaport’s efforts in this area.

The Seaport Boston Hotel is located steps away from pet-friendly residences. Working with the creative marketing and communications team at the hotel, three years ago, we created a weekly outdoor summer mixer, “Canines and Cocktails,” a Halloween Costume event for dogs and their humans, and with Regan Communications Group’s video production company, produced a Regan Original Video – “Seaport’s Pet-Friendly Get Away” (complete with “puppy love” scenes) and a red carpet movie launch party – to show the fun, pet-welcoming vibe of the hotel, while maximizing the value of media attention and exposing the property to new eyes that a buzz-worthy event can offer. The hotel is vested in making not only the property, but the neighborhood a destination; so in addition to added value for overnight guests, offering dog-loving neighbors in the Seaport District’s pet-friendly residences a place to mix and mingle with like-minded souls, while creating a self-sustaining, successful event which exposes new clientele to the property, is a win-win. Who says work can’t be fun?


-Team Mariellen

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