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Giving Thanks in the Digital Age


As we officially enter the holiday season this week by gathering with family and friends for Thanksgiving, it’s also the time of year when we think of those less fortunate, and look into our hearts to help those who need it this time of year.  It’s the season for giving.  But in today’s fast-paced world, where the demands and costs associated with the holiday season make it extremely difficult for many people to donate time or money to charitable causes, it is more challenging than ever for nonprofit organizations to get their message across to potential donors.  It is even more difficult to reach these potential donors with a compelling message that tugs at their hearts and compels them to give.  But there is one tremendously effective way for nonprofits to reach their target audiences and tug at those hearts.   And for this, we can thank digital technology.

Digital billboards have been utilized for a relatively short time in Greater Boston, but the positive impact was realized immediately.   Digital technology provides valuable flexibility for businesses and organizations to reach a massive audience in real time, able to immediately change messages to promote products and initiatives during day parts that are most appropriate for the audience they are trying to reach.  Regan Communications Group is fortunate to perform public relations services for the Clear Channel Outdoor, an outdoor advertising company that is as dedicated to the community as it is to its paying clients.  Managing public relations for Clear Channel Outdoor has allowed us a front row seat to witness how digital billboards are providing an economic stimulus that helps businesses sell their products and services, which in turn allows these businesses to grow and create jobs.  We have also seen how this digital technology is enhancing the ability of charitable organizations to reach their audience in an effective way, and that is boosting among donors who might otherwise miss these messages, if not for this visually appealing digital billboards.

Clear Channel Outdoor donates a considerable amount of digital billboard space to nonprofit organizations that work to help those less fortunate or to make improvements in our communities.  From anti-violence messages in Boston’s inner-city neighborhoods to promoting fundraisers aimed at finding cures to cancer and diabetes, Clear Channel Outdoor has allowed organizations to utilize digital technology to effectively market its cause to a wide audience.

Digital billboards are also cost effective, which allows Clear Channel Outdoor to help more charitable organizations than ever.  One digital billboard has the capability to showcase multiple advertisers and charitable messages. With more space available to organizations on a digital billboard, some available at lower price points, more local businesses are able to utilize the medium to reach their targeted consumers, while nonprofit organizations can do the same.  Donated digital billboard space has supported a variety of causes.   Organizations such as The Marine Corps Toys for Tots, Joslin Diabetes Center, Perkins School for the Blind, The Angel Fund, Voices of Hope, Catholic Charities, among many others, have all seen increases in fundraising and awareness of their missions through digital billboards donated by Clear Channel Outdoor.

Public safety has also been enhanced through utilization of digital billboards.  Clear Channel Outdoor digital billboards are an effective and important tool for law enforcement and public safety agencies to communicate real-time and life-saving information to the public.   Digital billboards enhance local public safety efforts through the ability to display AMBER Alerts when child has been kidnapped and emergency alerts to the travelling public to warn about inclement weather or catastrophic events.

Organizations that utilize digital billboards include the FBI, Massachusetts State Police, Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency, Marshals Service, National Center for Missing & Exploited Children, and many more.  Clear Channel Outdoor digital billboards provided valuable assistance to law enforcement and public safety agencies following the Boston Marathon bombings and during a massive February blizzard in Boston.  Digital billboards helped the FBI capture 53 dangerous criminals nationwide last year.

So, as we rush around during this holiday season, digital billboard technology is allowing charitable organizations and others to keep pace with our hectic lifestyle.  Digital technology in outdoor advertising is helping make our communities stronger, and for that, we can all be thankful.

-Sean Martin

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