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Facebook’s New Update 2016: Promising Future in Tech

Facebook's New Update 2016
Facebook Announces New Ten Year Plan

Facebook’s New Update 2016 look promising for tech and social media. Facebook has announced their 10 year plan at a keynote event. As social media advances, everyone wants to know if Facebook will be relevant in the future of advancing platforms such as Snapchat. Whether people believe that Facebook will continue being the mother of Social Media, Zuckerberg has no plans of slowing down. Here is a summary of the keynote from what we gathered from TechInsider and telegraph.Co.uk

Here are a few take aways from Facebook’s New Update 2016:

Chat bots: Facebook is creating bots in messenger that will make it easier to check the weather, and even shop! The Bots “can receive images, text.. and calls to action”. According to a tweet by Matt Navarra, some of the bots include Wall Street Journal, Poncho, 1-800-Flowers, and Burger King! Interested in more about bots? Click here for a list of bots available
Total Performance Insight: With the ability to repost videos that are already uploaded! No longer will businesses have to reload their video’s they can select which one they want to repost and all the analytics will be in one place.
Drone Live Videos: Want to broadcast something on Facebook from an aerial view? Yes, you can soon do this with Facebook.
3D-360 Video Camera: This camera was designed after much talk about getting more video content to Facebook. If you have $30,000 dollars laying around you can also make this camera, which is about how much it cost Facebook to build it according to TheVerge.com
Virtual Reality Goggles: Could virtual reality technology be the next social platform?! Well Facebook is on it. Reuters talks about how Oculus and Facebook are joining forces here.

Facebook Satellite: Allowing people anywhere to “connect people living in remote locations.” 

What do you think about Facebook’s new updates? Do you think that Facebook will once again reign as the most popular social platform for younger generations? What will this mean for businesses and Facebook?


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