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Enhance Your Business with Some Added ‘Design’


In a world of Powerpoint and Microsoft Word, design can be forgotten. Integrating graphic design within products of your business can make your company stand out, and make your brand more recognizable.

Just as the businesses are evolving to incorporate social media, graphic design becomes important to integrate within your company’s channels. Social Media is queen of making ordinary things pretty.

Infographics have become such a staple, but what are they really? They are facts and figures designed to make the information more appealing to the reader. And they are a great way to show your business as a thought leader.

Evites are almost a necessity for any event. Nobody wants a typed email or an attachment as an invitation to an event. Embedding a nicely designed jpg, gets your sponsors and event details right in front of the guest when they open the email.

Profile pictures, cover images, and background images on your social media channels are significant as well. Your pages are an extension of your company, and your brand. Utilizing design can improve the visualization of your company. Having a consistent branding theme between all creative of your company, from social media pages, and website, to letterhead and business cards, makes your business more identifiable.

Outside of social media, don’t forget about your Powerpoint presentation, business proposals and reports. Adding design into these everyday basics, shows you have put thought into that project.

Everything is looking to get an edge up on their competition, and presenting your business with a designed edge, can do just that.


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