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Don’t Go On TV Without Watching this First!


If a picture is worth a thousand words, video can be worth millions to your company. A good PR Firm will tell you that in media relations, pitching TV outlets with video gets you noticed. Many news producers won’t book you as a spokesperson on national television unless you’ve participated in local TV segments. Many local TV segments can’t be booked unless you have some on-camera experience, or a reel to show them. They want to know that you won’t mess up under pressure, and that your look is “camera friendly.” So how do you get TV experience without a reel? Create your own video.

There are several uses for this video. In marketing, video allows your brand to get under potential customers’ skin and put the product in front of their eyes. They will hear your message and feel the excitement of your services. If you are selling a product or an idea, a show-and-tell video gets the idea across to your customers in an easy way, they can pass it along through social media. If the video tells your story, journalists might be more interested in an interview, or use the as a part of their print articles, sending their audience to your website so see more. This requires a good video production, and the willingness to embed video on your home page, but will be worth the time and effort with the increased SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for your site.

So once you’ve decided you want to be on local or national TV, and to create your own video, how do you make it “reel”?  Find a Public Relations media training expert to train your spokesperson and create an original channel for the company on YouTube. (Ours is www.YouTube.com/ReganOriginalVideo). If the spokesperson is you, be your best, energetic and engaging self, talking about the company to our audience, and doing a demo (click to watch one involving a chef) to show how you would appear if doing a TV interview. Use your logo in the video and stick to key messages while keeping it short and sweet. Use a high definition camera and top-of-the-line editing. My personal tips for media training your spokesperson for the spotlight are here in this video. (I am a former assignment editor and news producer, who has been pitching PR clients to television for the last 15 years as director of national media relations at Regan Communications.)

So now that you’ve decide to go on TV, to get media trained and create compelling video that gets you noticed by producers, your publicist can land local TV spots and pitch those to your national audience. Once you succeed in your TV segments, brag! Put up a media coverage page on your website so your customers know you have 3rd party credibility with the media. Blog about your segment and topics. Post your blog and segments on twitter, Facebook and other social media. Build a following, offer good advice, cultivate your media relationships, and aim for the ultimate media score: a recurring segment. (Recurring segments take almost zero pitch time, less prep time because the producer is comfortable with you and you know the drill, thus better ROI.)

That’s the way to a million for your company, and for you to be priceless to your organization.

-Nicole Glor


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