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“Discover” What Just Changed on Snapchat


With such a large following of teens and 20-somethings, Snapchat is trying to stay up-to-date with the ever-changing world that is social media. This past week, Snapchat released their newest update to their loyal and addicted app-holders. The new look proves that the messaging app is becoming much more than six second disappearing pictures to share with friends.2

New on Snapchat is the “Discover” feature, which gives users an interactive look at a number of popular media outlets from CNN to Cosmopolitan. By tapping on the selected icon, Snapchatters can get an inside look at videos, pictures and articles from their publications. Sounds pretty interesting, right? Well, there is one thing missing from the app that teens are not too happy about.

If you’re an active Snapchatter, you’ll probably notice that the “Best Friends” feature is no longer available. (How will I know who everyone is talking to?!)  With this missing, teens can no longer see who their friends (or more importantly, their crush) is snapchatting the most… and of course they’re being vocal about it.  #SnapchatUpdate trended nationwide throughout the Twittersphere and let users openly share their complaints.

Snapchat’s C1EO Evan Spiegel had his reasoning behind taking away what so many users depend on to ensure a faithful relationship or stalk their newest love interes t. Spiegel tweeted out that the “Best Friends” feature was removed due to high-profile users wanting to keep their privacy. He also promises snapchatters that the feature would be back in a different form soon enough. In the meantime, have some trust in your partner and enjoy sending more embarrassing selfies to your friends!


-Amy Berggren, RCG intern



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