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Happy President’s Day! February Vacation is finally here and those not taking a break and heading to more tropical climates may be looking for something to do in our snowy city. While there are plenty of museums that certainly have earned their keep in the community, why not head to one of Boston’s most popular events that’s only here for a limited time and check out the totally unique and completely captivating exhibit: BODY WORLDS Vital, conveniently located at Faneuil Hall Marketplace!

Featuring authentic human bodies preserved through a process called Plastination, the exhibit aims to inform visitors about distress, disease and the resilience of the human body. And while some may think they can’t stomach the scene, we can almost promise you won’t be able to pull your eyes away. A visit to BODY WORLDS Vital won’t only get you (and the kids!) doing something educational and fun this week, it will also completely change how you look at health, fitness and your very own body.

Additionally, with the advanced purchase of a minimum of three tickets, BODY WORLDS Vital will be offering FREE weekend parking at the 75 State Street garage through March 1st

View of Room 2


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