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Chach’s Sports Corner: Patriots Need to Invest More at the Wide Receiver Position


On Sunday in Miami, Patriots’ quarterback Tom Brady couldn’t regain the crown of “Captain Comeback,” for a fourth straight week. The effort was there and it almost happened. But when your top two receivers are a former undrafted free agent and the one-time QB at Kent State, such feats are tough to pull off game after game.

The Patriots have supplied Tom Brady with a big time, Hall of Fame-caliber, outside receiving threat, over 6’0”, at the wide receiver position just once.  Rand U, Randy Moss, circa 2007. If memory serves me correctly, didn’t Brady have a record breaking season with 50 TDs that year?

I know people will point to Rob Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez, but they are tight ends. I’m talking deep threat wideouts. Plus, Gronk has had injury problems for the past two seasons, and Hernandez is trying to get a rock hammer from Ellis “Red” Redding in Shawshank!

Imagine how Greg Little would look in a Patriots uniform.

How about Torrey Smith a Pats’ No. 82 jersey?

Eric Decker anyone?

This will represent the crux of the conversation until the Patriots play next on Sunday against Smith’s Baltimore Ravens.

The list of players above are only three players the Patriots had a shot at in the past few drafts, yet chose not to select.

It feels like the Patriots don’t put enough scouting effort, or value, into the wide receiver position. The names Donald Hayes, Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson, Chad Jackson, and Bethel Johnson come to mind and make me want to stick a pen down my throat like Jason Bateman did in “Horrible Bosses.”

With arguably the best quarterback in the league under center, why wouldn’t the Patriots stock up on big time wide receivers? Remember, when Moss was here records were set and broken.

There is a QB in Denver whose corps of wideouts would allow even me to play the position with ease. He is on pace to break Brady’s records from ‘07 when Moss was taking the top off of defenses. It seems Denver did its due diligence when sculpting its quarterback’s attack.

Imagine what the numbers would look like today if Brady had the weapons Denver Broncos QB Peyton Manning has had over his career?

There will come a day when Brady calls it a career.  No really, it will happen.

The argument then will be, “Imagine if Brady had X receiver his whole career instead of Y?” With all due respect to past Patriots wide outs, during the Brady reign, JJ Stokes and P.K. Sam, they weren’t exactly Marvin Harrison and Reggie Wayne.

-Steve Ciaccio, senior account executive

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