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Chach’s Sports Corner: Nike Pulled it Off


Nike has rolled out their RE2PECT (Respect) campaign for the second half of the baseball season. This will be the final season for Yankee great Derek Jeter. I’ve never been much of a Yankees fan—but when you grow up in Boston you’re not supposed to like New York.

Without even mentioning their product, Nike appears to have organized and executed a brilliant strategy revolving around the final few months of Jeter’s career.

There are times when you don’t have to push a product into the faces of the consumers for them to get the message. This particular campaign fits the criteria: the message is loud and clear.

You don’t have to love him, but you do have to respect the way he approached the game every day for 20 years. Nike took a back seat by simply employing a list of celebrities who have admired—or should I say respected—Jeter over the years, and placing them at center stage.

You don’t always need a new product to market a strong message and Nike hit this one out of Yankee Stadium.

To watch the video, click here.


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