Chach’s Sports Corner: Can’t we just enjoy it?

You’ve got to love the media in Boston, or anywhere for that matter. But let’s stick with Boston for this particular blog, and its coverage of the World Cup.

Suddenly, everyone in the Boston media is either an expert in soccer or just mocks it because they can’t embrace it. Those in the latter group are really getting to the tired stage of their arguments.

Really fellas it’s getting old. Just give in already. It only comes around every four years. It’s a tremendous event.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not going to run out and get a Jozy Altidore U.S.M.N.T. jersey tomorrow, but I’m also not going to knock the sport. Soccer players are in amazing shape and can do things with their feet that I can’t do with my hands. We don’t need any narrow minded commentary while most of the country is trying to enjoy the action taking place in Brazil.

The argument stating that soccer is the sport of the future…and always will be, is just people being lazy. Another favorite argument is the “hands theory”
, because the players don’t use their hands it will never catch (no pun intended) on here in the states. This one makes me laugh out loud, especially when callers to talk shows use that example.

You don’t like it? Great, but don’t ruin the enjoyment for the millions that do. And those of you who are in the negative camp truly are in the minority on this argument.

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