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Chach’s Sports Corner: A-Rod, The Story of Greed


“It’s all about the bucks, kid. The rest is conversation,” uttered the great Gordon Gekko in the movie Wall Street. A fitting movie line to what will one day play out on the big screen. The Chemist:  Alex Rodriguez.arod

The ban dropped on Alex Rodriguez by Major League Baseball was reduced from 211 to 162 games this past weekend, the full 2014 season. Along with the Biogenesis chemists, he is totally to blame.

But we may be forgetting one thing – greed.

Pure, unadulterated greed.

The question is- would A-Rod really be in search of magic beans if he hadn’t been getting his ego stroked since he was in high school?

Since he was a kid people have been fawning over him, kissing his back side, making him feel like he could get away with murder.

Enter Scott Boras. The super-agent’s mind control of A-Rod began before the player was drafted, in part to get Alex to sign with him. Back in 1993, A-Rod actually went against Boras’ instructions and signed his first major deal with Seattle for a relatively paltry $1.3 million even though Boras wanted him to hold out for $3 million.

He got his start as a complete phenom in Seattle, playing eight years there. But the 2000 season would end up being his last in the Emerald City. On December 12th, 2000, Boras would make him the $252 million man, the highest paid player of all-time. A-Rod was making just $4.362 million in Seattle one year prior. He then got that raise he was looking for, in the form of over $17 million in the first year of his mega-deal with the Texas Rangers.

Biggie Smalls once rapped about it, “More money more problems.”

Was it really necessary to pay a baseball player $252 million?

In order for him to live up to his end of the contract, he absolutely needed to put enhancers into his body. There were 22 million reasons per year to do so thanks to the generosity of the Texas Rangers.

It doesn’t stop there. After a trade to the Yankees was worked out following the 2003 season, he would sign a contract extension worth $275 million beginning in 2008.

A-Rod felt the need to keep up with those younger, and possibly better, than he. And how did he do that?


A-Rod has made $353 million over the life of his career, $100 million more than the next closest player, Derek Jeter, and is still owed $61 million from 2015-17.

In 2000 A-Rod was 25 years old with $22 million freshly poured into his bank account thanks to the Rangers and Boras.  That’s a lot of ducats for a 25-year old.

Think back to when you where that age. You might have been happy with $222 in your account.

It all comes down to greed.

“Greed is good,” according to Gekko, in this case of greed I’ll have to disagree with Gordo. Greed is the sole reason A-Rod got into this mess.

In a recent “60 minutes” interview, Tony Bosch, A-Rod’s benefactor from Biogenesis, said A-Rod wanted to be the first and only player in the 800 home run club.

That’s a little greedy wouldn’t you say?

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