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Campaigning for Councilman Bill Linehan


When councilman Bill Linehan needed a campaign video for his upcoming reelection bid, his camp turned to the Regan Original Video team for help.  Unlike the mud slinging and info-dumping associated with your average campaign ad, Linehan wanted to flip the script and turn the camera on himself, focusing on his strong community ties and long public service record.

The Regan Original Video Team took to the streets, capturing the councilman’s authentic interactions with his constituents in and around the neighborhood he grew up in and city he represents.  This video is a perfect example of Regan Original Videos “scalability” when it comes to shooting on-location with an efficient and nimble crew.  This flexibility allows us to document the authentic, lending a level of credibility to all of our clientele’s video projects, all while maintaining the high level of production value Regan Original Video is known for.


-Team Creative

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