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Boston Sports Clubs’ Commuter Workout Lets You Skip Tuesday Traffic


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While working in Boston has an incredible amount of perks, it also has its fair share of headaches. The number one offender: the commute. There are many who live in the city and have the luxury of walking to work or taking the T, while others drive or take the commuter rail. The toughest part of the last two? The traffic, of course.

Whether you’re driving (or as I often complain, crawling) at a snail’s pace on a major highway to and from the city or standing and nudging for elbow room on the commuter rail, it’s fair to say we all wish we could avoid the heavy traffic of cars and people. What better way to avoid this traffic than to getting your workout done instead?

We’ve all made the excuses—“I don’t have time to work out on my lunch break” or “I’m too tired to work out when I finally get home after a long day”—well, Tuesdays just became our quick savior, thanks to Boston Sports Clubs (BSC).

Boston Sports Clubs has teamed up with the City of Boston Parks and Recreation Department and the Boston Public Health Commission to create a completely FREE and open to the public workout for commuters every Tuesday for the rest of the summer. By attending, you are able get your workout done and over with while the traffic clears up for your commute home. Starting today, July 22nd, for the next six weeks (until August 26th for those of you who avoid math), one of BSC’s top trainers will create fun and innovative workouts at Clemente Field at Back Bay Fens from 5:30pm to 6:30pm.

So do yourself a double-favor: 1) skip the headache of a crowded and aggravating commute home, and 2) crush a fun workout with friends and coworkers in one of Boston’s greatest parks with some of the best trainers in the city. After all, with the endorphins you gain from your workout, your Tuesday commute home will become quite painless.

-Kelly Foley, Account Coordinator

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