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Autumn Equinox



Fall, New England’s prettiest season, is officially here.  The beautiful city of Boston will start to cool down, leaves will transform colors, birds will flee to warmer land and we’ll only have a few weeks to take advantage of local market sales.

I’m excited for autumn; many changes and new opportunities are in my future.  I’m happily back in Boston, last semester I studied abroad in Madrid, Spain.  My name is Erica and I, as a junior at Suffolk University, major in Communications with a concentration in Public Relations.  My fall 2015 course load seems promising; I expect to gain a lot of knowledge from my professors and counselors.

There are some accomplishments that I’m already proud of for the fall semester- I received a scholarship for excelling as a manager of an on-campus office (Suffolk HUB, Campus Card Services) and I earned an internship opportunity here at Regan Communications.

I am very eager to start having exposure to the world of communications.  Moreover, I can tell working with the Regan team will be very rewarding for me.  Here I’ll be able to apply my academic familiarity with real-world experience and advance my understanding of public relations.

I’ve only been at Regan for a week but my advisor already makes me feel welcome and appreciated.  I believe she will teach me all that she knows and help me through any difficulties I may have in the office/at an event.  At present, she recommends I stay attentive, outgoing and ready for the ever-changing environment that Regan offers.  Furthermore, she guided me to not stress, confirming that everything is significant but nothing is important enough to get worked up over.

With that being said I find it appropriate to conclude with this quote from Hal Borland:


“Of all the seasons, autumn offers the most to man and requires the least of him.”



Happy fall, I hope everyone enjoys any changes they’re going through as the seasons shift!

-Erica Riordan, Administrative Intern

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