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#AskHerMore Than Fashion



I’ve always been a big fan of red carpet fashion. Whenever awards season rolls around, you can catch me watching Guiliana Rancic on E! News and drooling over the gowns from Hollywood’s latest event. The red carpet gives us a glance on what trends are taking over and lets us dream about the day where we could be able to wear something so beautiful (and for free!).

With Joan Rivers’ passing and the scandals surrounding E!’s 1 Fashion Police, it recently seems like the dynamic of the red carpet is changing. Stars are flipping off the “mani-cam” and Kelly Osbourne and Kathy Griffin received tremendous support for their decision to part from Fashion Police. The idea of bashing celebrities for their wardrobe choices is becoming cruel rather than entertaining.

Social Media has been proven successful in starting campaigns, creating awareness, and letting voices be heard. With stars having such a large following, they are using their platform to continue to change the red carpet dynamic. The Representation Project started a campaign last February to change the conversation about the women in Hollywood. The campaigners are urging reporters to #AskHerMore than what she’s wearing. Stars like Reese Witherspoon, Lupita Nyong’o and Julianne Moore are jumping on board, voicing their opinion on Twitter and Instagram. The actresses want to share more about their accomplishments and use the hashtag to ask fans about what they want to hear.

2It will be interesting to see if the red carpet changes in the next few years. With the fate of Fashion Police unknown for next season and a great deal of negativity, maybe the hype around red carpet fashion might become a thing of the past. I know I’ll miss the fashion police era if this really is the end, but I support the #AskHerMore campaign and am always interested in hearing from my favorite actors. After all, before Joan Rivers first asked, “Who are you wearing?” in 1995, the red carpet was about one thing– the movies.


Amy Berggren

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