Anti-Valentine’s Day Solution

This isn’t another one of those angsty “I hate Valentine’s Day” posts. Nobody has done me wrong, so keep in mind that this is just a general complaint about this so-called “holiday.”

Correct me if I’m wrong, but Valentine’s Day generally consists of high expectations, awful gifts, terrible tasting candy hearts, overpriced chocolate and pure embarrassment if you’re the only female in the office who doesn’t receive a delivery of flowers. Why can’t we just stick with Halloween? After all, there’s candy, you can avoid people by dressing in a disguise and you don’t have to buy anyone a gift or card.


Instead of taking some extravagant three-day weekend trip, a date to the latest romance movie, or food binging (I’m usually okay with that, but it’s getting dangerously close to swimsuit season), this year I’ve come up with a solution: I’m heading to the Boston Wine Expo. With absolutely no Valentine’s Day agenda, I have every intention of sipping wine from every region, tasting samples from some of Boston’s best culinary talents, while also educating myself with their wine seminars from leading industry experts. Let’s face it: Most of us pretend to know a lot about wine, so next year if I decide to opt back into this so-called “holiday”, I’ll know exactly what I’m talking about (maybe even more than our waiter) when I order the best French wine for its value on the menu.

You can still buy tickets to The Boston Wine Expo, so ditch your cliché plans for something a little more satisfying:  


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