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An open letter to the future Regan interns


As our last day as Regan interns comes to a close, we felt it appropriate to give a few words of advice to the soon-to-be interns that will walk through these same offices. Working at Regan has been a great adventure, filled with exemplary people, hands-on learning, and tons of real-world experience.  Throughout our time here this summer we’ve gained an expansive knowledge base that we will carry with us through all of our future endeavors. Throughout our time here we have honed some useful skills that we feel are crucial for success in the PR industry. Utilizing these 5 skills will put you on the right track for success while at Regan.

Writing Skills

Being an excellent writer is the one of the most fundamental characteristics of what it means to be a PR intern here at Regan. Not only must you be a great writer, but you must be able to uniquely adapt each piece of writing to the client and their target audiences. Writing can be formal or informal, whether it is a press release or an email, but writing clearly and concisely is important to master in all communications materials.


Having and utilizing a creative mind is a positive asset to being a Regan public relations intern. Your creativity will be a crucial part to every project you are a part of, from designing and creating flyers and event invitations to drafting engaging social media posts. What does your creative side offer that will give each project an edge?

Time Management

Time management is an absolute must in the PR field. Many of the clients that we worked with throughout this summer were under a tight deadline that we needed to work within. Without time management, we would not have been able to complete these crucial projects OR focus on so many different projects at the same time. Time management allowed our team to devote an equal amount of attention to each client, while simultaneously allowing us to plan out for the coming weeks what needed to be done and when.


When you are working with multiple clients every day you need to be able to organize yourself first to be able to balance the client work that needs to be done. We found it helpful to use shared Google Docs to simultaneously work on projects together and keep one another informed and held accountable for our work.


Teamwork can be seen as the backbone of any successful project, especially in public relations. With every campaign or client there are a million tiny steps that need to be taken in order to reach the final goal. With so many responsibilities, having team members that communicate well, have a strong understanding of what their individual job is, and always keep the clients goals in mind makes the day-to-day much more seamless. This summer, Team Mariellen demonstrated on a daily basis the great work that can be accomplished when you bring together creative, hardworking, and dedicated team members.

We hope that future interns are as excited as we were to begin this new adventure and if you strive to follow these basic fundamentals and always give 100% effort to each task, big or small, you will be successful at Regan!
–Blayne and Kelsey, Team Mariellen Interns

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