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Advice from the pros: getting into PR



I was inspired to write this post after a family-friend asked me to give some advice to one of his kids – who is going into his senior year of college –  about “getting into PR,” and specifically, an agency like Regan. As always, I was more than happy to offer my thoughts, but I did emphasize that my advice was limited as it was based purely on my own experiences.

I remember being in college, getting advice left and right from my parents, my professors, etc.  But who better to give you advice on your career path than the people who already work in the industry you’re hoping to pursue? As we enter September and the college students move back into town, I thought this was an appropriate time to gather some tips & recommendations from some of our fellow Reganites, as a way to get those students who are passionate about PR on track and motivated for the career that may lay ahead. Check out what these PR Pros have to say!

 “Work efficiently and make sure to keep very organized. In a career like PR, there are so many moving parts and you need to establish a system that works best for you and for your clients.”

— Lindsay Rotondi, Senior Vice President

“To work in PR, you need to listen, understand and anticipate your client’s needs all at once. Ensure you’re able to think on your feet in any situation and comfortable enough to navigate multiple responsibilities and tasks on a day-to-day basis.”

— Carolyn Rasley, Account Executive

“PR is very fast-paced so in order to be successful, you need to perfect certain skills such as time management & learning how to prioritize your work. Being a good writer is also key; and if you enjoy it, even better! Maybe even consider starting your own blog to showcase your writing and what you are passionate about.”

— Katelyn O’Sullivan, Account Coordinator

“Get all the experience you can get and be sure to always read the daily newspapers!”

— Joanna Roffo, Senior Vice President

“Get an internship at a public relations firm. I always tell people you are either going to love PR or hate it – better to find out before you make it your career.”

— Stacy Wilbur, Vice President

My advice involves three fundamentals: 1.) build relationships, 2.) be dedicated, and 3.) learn how to handle rejection.  PR is all about who you know, and the types of relationships you’re able to build and KEEP – so make sure you are networking anytime and anywhere that you can be. Be dedicated, because if you’re expecting your job in PR to be a 9-5, you’re in for a surprise. Be prepared to work 24/7 because that reflects today’s news cycle; anything can happen at any time.  Learn how to handle rejection, because a huge part of what we do is pitch reporters, and, well, get rejected or ignored. You just need to shake it off so you can get back to pitching.


 — Elizabeth Brabants, Account Executive

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