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A Glimpse into Surviving an Event-Packed September


photo(17)The month of September is always a whirlwind of event-filled nights; running from location to location, office outfit changes, one too many skipped meals — and way too many bubbles! While at times, the pace of September can be hectic, we wouldn’t trade it for the world. So, for those of you who didn’t find yourself in the midst of September craziness, we thought we’d share with you a snapshot of how to survive (and still look good!) if you ever find yourself simultaneously planning and attending multiple style events in a week.

The Planning:

As seamless as fashion events may appear, it takes weeks and months of planning to ensure their flawless execution.

o   LOOKS- A month before, work with clients to finalize the ‘looks’ (ie: hair, make-up and accessories), making sure they are on par for each of the designer’s shows.

o   SHOWTIME- Keep an organized schedule of timing for how the show will run. Make sure your team is in place and determine who is going where.

o   NETWORK – Work the room with your clients – scope out any potential press opportunities and make introductions between your client and key players.

o   SOCIAL MEDIA CRAZE- Ensure that you are prepared with all the correct Twitter handles, Instagram pages and event hashtags.

o   PICTURE PERFECT – Determine the best location in the room to get photos. Decide on your shots. Post in ‘real time’ on behalf of your clients as well as for yourself.

The Trends:

September marks the debut of all the latest fashion trends – both on and off the runway. Like all fashion-focused fans, we are always on the lookout for the hottest trends of the season and during September, we get the first taste of which fads Bostonians are going to adopt.

o   Leather – pants, shorts, jackets and accents.

o   Fur (both real and faux).

o   Sky high stilettos – studded to pops of color.

o   ‘White hot’ dresses, jackets and accessories. Yes, Boston has finally said goodbye to the longtime fashion faux pas that white is only for summer!

o   Handbags of all sizes – the YSL clutch to anything Celine.

The Essentials:

To save yourself from stress, hunger pains and sore feet, there are a few key must-haves that you should keep on you at all times during the month of September.

o   Make sure your smartphone is always charged. Dim the brightness, connect to Wi-Fi and conserve!

o   Fashion hurts – have a spare pair of ballet flats in your bag.

o   Pack protein  – always keep a granola bar or almonds handy for fashion fuel on-the-go.

o   Uber app – why hail a cab when you can use your phone to get you from point A to point B?

o   SLEEP!

…It’s now October, which can only mean one thing…we survived! #fashionhangover


-Team Joanna

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