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The 8 essential PR apps every person should have on your phone


PR apps

In an age of iPhones and Smartphones, PR apps are an important part of multitasking and planning! As I look down on my phone, I realize that I have a thousand and one apps. I am always on the hunt for the latest craze. But consider this … thinking on your feet is essential for any PR pro. For example, consider the 2014 Grammy’s. During the event, Pharrell Williams showed up with a hat that was the conversation topic for the night. Pharrell tweeted … and Arby’s cleverly responded with a quick one-liner that resulted in free exposure earning them nearly 81,000 re-tweets.

The catch is, in order to be on top of these current events, sometimes you need to be plugged in and quick with technology. Below you’ll find six PR apps that will help you become a PR champ on the go.

The Essential PR apps:

  1. News
    It is essential to stay up-to-date with client and industry news but just as important, you need to be aware of what is going on in the world. A breaking news or trend story could provide an opportunity for your client to comment on or lead to future stories that relate to a client’s industry. Also, if you are short on time, have you checked out ‘The Skimm?’ They now have an app!
  2. Google Maps
    Ever gotten lost in the middle of Rome – enough said.
  3. Evernote
    Whether it’s brainstorming ideas or tapping into your work computer, the ability to plug in at a moment’s notice helps you stay ahead of the game.
  4. Camera
    If it’s good enough to capture last night’s dinner, or a picture of Aunt Sally, then it’s essential for your client’s campaign. It comes installed on your phone. Seriously, is there ever a moment you should not be capturing?
  5. Facebook
    This app is versatile in that you can quickly engage on your client’s page … perhaps respond to a customer question while also checking out breaking news.
  6. Instagram
    Instagram viewers are loyal and interested in the visual. They currently have over 400 million viewers which according to statistics is more than Twitter. So if you have a picture of that rainbow bagel or the new Slurpee donut your client has created. Foodies across the world are waiting!
  7. Weather
    I always check this app moments before heading out the door. Nothing worse than not having that umbrella on hand! – or worse discovering you need an alternate plan for that outdoor event this afternoon. Stat!
  8. HayStack 
    PR appsHave you ever forgotten your business card or someone has told you that they only have one card left? Have you ever found it difficult exchanging information or have lost a card in a desk or purse? Well all problems are solved with this app! All you have to do is take a picture of the business card and the app does the rest! It’ll recognize the email address, phone number, and even look for that company and person on LinkedIn to connect! Not only that, but as soon as you add them as a contact, you can send an email immediately with your information in return.

Have you found any other essentials?

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