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5 Design Tips to Modernize Your Brand



     1. Clean Up Your Logo

Since your logo is such a crucial part of your brand’s identity, it is important to make sure that it is constantly looking its best. If it has been several years since the original branding of your company, it could be time to reassess. Over the years, we lose track of original logo files, and all that we have left to work with is an old, pixelated jpeg. If you love your logo, I suggest that you have a designer recreate it. This way, you will be provided with several variations to use across many platforms and print modes to ensure the highest quality artwork. If your logo appears a little aged, sometimes freshening up the look is as simple as changing out a typeface or the addition of a bold color. This will make your logo feel new while staying true to your company’s original identity.




     2. Social Media

Social media is a constantly evolving extension of a brand. It is so important to keep your company’s social media outlets branded, the same way you would maintain any professional print or website materials. Stay informed on minimum resolution requirements for sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and NEVER post an image that is pixelated or blurry. Adhere to cover photo and preview photo dimension changes to ensure your content is being cleanly presented no matter where your audience finds it. Create or work with a designer to produce original, branded graphics tailored to your audience.



     3. Simplify your Website

Less is definitely more when it comes to modernizing your website: large headers and brief paragraphs or bullets will keep your audience zeroed in on the content that is most important. Clean, dynamic photos are crucial to an engaging website.


     4. Embrace White Space

While many fear empty space on an advertisement or website is space that needs to be filled, bare space allows for your content to breathe. Do not be afraid to allow for white space in your branding and advertising materials. This will lead to an instantly refreshed appearance.


     5. Be Consistent

Above all, consistency is vital. It is important that your brand’s identity is clear and consistent across all platforms, including web and print, so that your audience easily recognizes your company and understands your message.




–Gabriella Diniz, Team Creative

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