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Think you have what it takes for a Regan Communications Internship?


A good internship will show you the “ins and outs” of a business. A Regan Communications Group (RCG) internship will make you a part of the “ins and outs”. It’s almost Fall and it’s not too late to apply for our internships, but do you have what it takes for a Regan Communications Internship?

RCG internship

Here at RCG, we are looking for the best of the best to work alongside our teams. You will dive head first into an ocean full of fast-paced clients who put on some of the best events in Boston and surrounding areas. We will incorporate you into the process of pitching and planning, in whatever area you are most confident in – and a few that will challenge you! Do you love social media? We have an internship for that. Interested in how a fundraiser is organized or do you prefer to see the ends and outs of aquiring new leads and business? Tell us your area of expertise or what you want to learn about and before your semester is over, you’ll be able to say you were a part of an awesome project. In case you were wondering, no, that doesn’t mean coffee runs.

RCG is a fast-paced environment and we value hard work and attention to detail. We are looking for people who don’t just complete an assignment, but push their creativity to the extreme and exceed expectations. We want people who aren’t afraid to ask questions and take on responsibility. Does this sound like you?

If you have what it takes for an RCG internship and want to apply for the fall, click here and apply! We have locations in Boston and Providence.



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