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3 Tips for Taking a Better Picture


Photographs are always a great way to extend publicity after an event. In taking photos, you are able to share the highlights and guests through social media and the press. Here are a three tips for capturing that great photo.

1: Notice the Lighting– If you are taking a photo during the day, you should always take the picture with the light behind you. This will use the natural light to showcase the subject of the photo. If you take a picture and shoot with the light behind the subject, the person or people will come out dark and hard to see.

2. Utilizing Signage– Before taking a staged photo, look to see if there is any signage that can be used behind the people to showcase branding and sponsors.

3. What’s in the background– The worst thing is to have a perfectly staged photo and then have some kind of photobomb or extra person awkwardly in the background. In addition to making sure your subject is positioned properly, check the background to see if anything or anyone should be moved.

While these tips may seem basic or obvious, during the heat of the moment when you are quickly asked to grab your camera and take photo, remember these little tips will take your photo from good to great.


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