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Tips and Tricks for taking a Public Relations Internship


Public relations internship

 As a soon-to-be college graduate I am well aware of the emphasis placed on internship experience when applying for full-time jobs and I was able to gain invaluable experience in the form of a public relations internship with Regan Communications Group during the spring semester.

 I thought that having spent four years in a college classroom learning about PR had prepared me for the industry, but in my short time with RCG, I have been able to apply that knowledge, getting hands-on experience with a variety of clients and projects. Every day at Regan is unique, which is what keeps it so exciting. Part of the day-to-day efforts within a PR firm can include everything from pitching releases and items to targeted media then tracking that coverage to event planning and execution.

 Compiling coverage reports and clip books at the end of a project was my favorite task because it serves as a physical representation of all of the hard work put into securing coverage for a specific event or program. I felt a sense of pride knowing that my team was responsible for each article or clip of coverage inside the book and that I was able to contribute to that success in some way.

 Although my public relations internship at Regan is coming to a close, I encourage anyone looking to enter the communications field to consider interning with RCG. For any soon-to-be interns, here are a few pointers.

Tips and Tricks For Your Public Relations Internship:

  • Ask questions! – If you don’t understand something or just want to know more about it, use your words and ask questions from your team members! They are unbelievable resources as they have undoubtedly had experience that can answer your question or can refer you to someone else.
  • Be vocal about your interests – At RCG, you’re able to work with a diverse pool of clients, but if you’re passionate about a specific area, make it known. For instance, I enjoy working with non-profits and made that interest clear so my team made an effort to get me involved with those types of clients and now I have experience that I can translate into a future job.
  • Look at the bigger picture – Some tasks may seem menial or tedious but the simplest tasks need to be done well with extreme attention to detail. I came into Regan having never “clipped” client coverage before but now I am a pro and by tracking and clipping our team’s secured coverage, I was able to keep up with the bigger picture of what we were pitching for that client and to which media outlets.

 Despite only being part of the RCG team for a semester I have gained so much valuable experience. I owe a big thank you to Team Mariellen for taking me under your wing and providing me with experience for the future. I cannot wait to take on the workforce with the arsenal of new skills Regan has given me.

 For more info about interning at RCG check out what former intern, Carly, has to say or for general interning tips see USA Today.

Martina Corona, Regan Boston Intern Spring 2016

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