Best Lobster Rolls in Boston

Best Lobster Rolls in Boston

Sitting outside as the sun sets near the waterfront with a glass of Rosé and savory seafood sounds like the perfect summer night. With summertime rolling around the corner, everyone is searching for the hot seafood spots around the city. June is national seafood month and June 14th was national lobster day, so we decided to kick off a hunt for the best lobster rolls in Boston. We weren’t able to go to every place on the list, but here is what we found…

Best Lobster Rolls in Boston

Yankee Lobster Co.

The small counter service market offers an aray of choices for seafood lovers. Offering a traditional lobster roll with generous amounts of meat and butter, it without fail offers a “Taste of New England.”

Neptune Oyster

Get your claws into the hot and buttery or cold and savory. Prepared to your preference either with butter or mayo on a brioche bun, this roll triggers your tastebuds and lives up to its name.

James Hook & Co.

Going for a sunny stroll on the waterfront? Stop by the family-run seafood shack. Fresh lobster, tossed in light mayo, on a buttery toasted bun. Simple and scrumptious.

Bar Boulud Boston

Made with fresh Maine lobster and housemade mayo on a butter-toasted brioche bun, this one is sure to please.

Jerry Remy’s

Sit right by the ocean while you enjoy this delicious roll topped with lemon aoili, giving it a unique delicious flavor to please your taste buds.


Not only do they offer a traditional lobster roll (7 oz), but two other lucious lobster options. The lobster sub (14 oz) and lobstitution (25 oz). Chunky lobster meat coated in fresh mayo on a grilled roll served with potato chips. Pauli’s is pleasantly perfect.

Red’s Best Seafood

A hidden gem- find a delicious buttered bun and lobster galore at this Boston Public Market seafood stand. While Red’s sells fish for cooking at home, you can also enjoy e freshly prepared Lobster Roll as well.


Looking for more seafood options in Boston? Check out the top 10 best seafood restaurants in the city! Know of a really great lobster roll in Boston that wasn’t mentioned? Message us!

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