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My Move to the Big Apple



Hello there! My name is Susan Wojtcuk and I am the newest team member at Regan Communications in New York City. As I am making the transition from rural Connecticut to this fabulous concrete jungle, I am also making the professional switch from in-house PR to an agency, so I guess you could say this is a pivotal moment in my young career.

Let me begin by saying that there is no way to adequately prepare to move to New York City; the hustle and bustle and the inherent trendiness make it one of the most desirable and rewarding places to be. And despite what your personal or professional experiences may be thus far, New York will always challenge you and always push you to be better. In the very short two weeks that I have been with Regan Communications, I have already been inspired to become a stronger PR professional and do everything I can to succeed in this industry.

After graduating from Boston University last May, I began my career as an in-house PR Specialist at Mohegan Sun in Connecticut. Although the PR goals at any company are similar, I can already see the experiences with in-house PR and agency PR are significantly different. As an in-house PR Specialist, I became an expert on my company, perfected my specific press materials, and built strong relationships with my tight-knit, go-to contacts. Now at an agency, I have the ability to flex my creative muscles on many different accounts, including restaurants, fitness studios, and charity organizations, and build relationships with an array of national contacts that cover different beats across the board. Not to mention, I have the opportunity to work with some pretty rock star people who have already made my time here at Regan comfortable and amazing.

Looking forward, I cannot wait to absorb all of the knowledge and insight into this industry that I can, and maybe one day, somewhere down the line, I will finally pass as a true New Yorker.


– Susan Wojtcuk



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