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10 Facebook Sins


By now, acceptable social media habits have been praised, but many brands (and individuals) continue to make mistakes. Ensure you’re not creating any major faux pas and read on to see my 10 biggest posts to avoid on Facebook.

1.      The sales pitch

Nobody wants to read their daily newsfeed only to find a new pitch or gimmick. Instead, share something relatable to everyone. If we’re interested in you, you won’t need to constantly beg for attention.

2.      Games

This should already be a no-brainer, but I can’t begin to stress the annoyance of game and application invitations. If you want to play a game, download it yourself and don’t invite someone to play over and over again.


3.      Religion or politics

Not everyone shares your personal beliefs or views so instead of alienating people, save your rants for like-minded people in private groups or settings

4.      Secrets

If you wouldn’t tell your mom, would you tell me? If not, then this probably isn’t the time or place to get that confession off your chest.

5.      Guilt

Disturbing photos of abused animals. It’s tragic, but not everyone wants to see the images and it can easily upset people. While your intentions are probably good, sensitivity is key.

6.      Paranoia

Enough about the world is ending or how that new fad food will give you cancer. You come off as crazy and unreliable for any future information. (See #8.)

7.      Mysterious messages

“Worst day ever!” We don’t know the meaning behind your cryptic plea for attention and if you’re seeking any kind of help, you’re certainly not pointing us in the right direction. Post clear messages with actual meaning behind them, not emotional puzzles for your followers to piece together.

8.      Wrong advice/information

If you’re a gym or boutique fitness studio, share advice on the best ways to get the most out of your workout – and make sure it’s actually accurate. Check your sources!

9.      Constant change

If you’re changing your profile every other day, it’s clear that you’re either bored or indecisive. Pick a clear identity and stick with it!

10. T.M.I.

Oversharing is almost unforgiveable. If someone overshares, I automatically hide you from my newsfeed or “unlike” your page because I don’t like your amount of posts or content in general. Note: Shirtless selfies and obscene photos equal an automatic block.

To summarize, proper Facebook etiquette is similar to that of any public social gathering. Politeness and discretion counts even if you think it is has been completely eradicated from the internet. Bottom line: Don’t mistake Facebook as your personal diary and you’ll get along with the internet just fine!

-Carolyn Rasley, Account Executive

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