Green & Technology

Through client work with green technology companies, experts, consultants and scientists, Regan has created a core competency in Green Media Outreach. Clients we’ve represented include David Rockefeller Jr.’s “Around the Americas” project, AbTech Industries, Artemis, EV Innovations and Global Relief Technologies. Our strategies include conducting media relations campaigns to position the current and future environmental problems of our planet, and to educate the media on the technical considerations. We have also had great success in positioning clients as solutions to these problems or as “industry experts” on clean water/air and alternative energy solutions, environmental news, trends, investments, best practices, and other innovations.

We even go as far as coining new phrases and creating new trends based on client findings. An example of this is our work for AbTech Industries, which provides clean water solutions for companies and communities.  We positioned AbTech’s work as a pioneer in “blue tech,” making the argument that “blue is the new green” and describing their highly technical work in user-friendly terms that journalists could easily understand: that they were “the Brita water filter for streets.”  This approach helped generate mainstream coverage on Good Morning America, Fox Business News and WCBS-TV in New York, as well as The Discovery Channel’s “Planet Green” program. We also capitalized on President Obama’s economic recovery plan to position AbTech as an affordable, “shovel ready” technology available to U.S. cities.  This positioning enabled us to secure a global business feature on AbTech in TIME magazine’s “TIME 100” special issue.

The green and technology spaces also lend themselves to compelling social media outreach, and Regan has done just that, utilizing Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and blogs to identify like-minded organizations to help strengthen and carry our messages.