Regan Original Video

Regan Communications has pioneered the use of original online video in a way that is truly unique among public relations firms. With a staff full of award-winning TV and production veterans, we know how to conceptualize and produce high-quality video that communicates the right message in a fun, compelling way – the kind of video that today’s web surfer wants to view and share. We consider this competency to be a major competitive advantage.

We’ve done a “SantaCam” video for Simon Malls, a “Goodfellas” homage for Jerry Remy’s Sports Bar and Grill, a time-lapse video of a Guinness World Record event for 99 Restaurants, and an ongoing video series of dozens of agent testimonials called “Our Town” for RE/MAX of New England. To see more examples of our video work, visit our Regan Original Video YouTube page.

In each case, Regan has been responsible for all elements of the production, from concept to script to shoot to editing and post-production. All of our videos are shot with professional, High-Definition (HD) videocameras and edited with top-of-the-line editing systems. As online video becomes an increasingly critical component of marketing strategies for companies of all shapes and sizes, Regan Communications is singularly positioned to provide video solutions that integrate with your public relations, social media and overall marketing needs.