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Boston Burrito Bowl Brawl

I’m still a little bitter that the Patriots won’t be making a Super Bowl appearance, but thankfully my favorite culinary event is right around the corner.   On Saturday, February 6, Brian Poe is kicking off Burrito Bowl V at Poe’s Kitchen at the Rattlesnake. This culinary competition brings together some of Boston’s best chefs […]

Transforming STRIP

  “I love it when a plan comes together.” This oft spoken line by Colonel John “Hannibal” Smith, played by George Peppard on the TV show “The A-Team,” speaks perfectly to people’s love of watching the process or progression of things. Unfortunately that takes time, and getting viewers’ attention for even 15 seconds has become increasingly […]

#BruceJenner: Coming Out in the Age of Social Media

  The Kardashians: love them, hate them, or feel a little bit of both towards them, we’re all ALWAYS talking about them. None of us like it, but it’s true. Do I hate myself a little when I find myself watching the brand new episode of KUWTK as it premieres in real time on a […]

Team NYC Does #NYFW 2015

As if New York City isn’t already overwhelming enough for the common folk, this past week NYC was bombarded graced with the hustle and bustle of New York Fashion Week, otherwise known as #NYFW. This year, Regan Communications was able to get in on the action. Take a look:  On Thursday, February 12, RCG client Capitale NY kicked off Fashion […]

I Love Rock ‘N’ Roll (From a PR Point-of-View)

Every year, it becomes seemingly harder for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (RRHOF) to induct quality candidates. Among the criteria for entry is critical acclaim. Granted, most commercial acts tend to favor popular trend over personal integrity, but still there are many bands and artists out there worthy of being enshrined in the […]

72nd Golden Globes- More Than Just Awards and Fashion

  A few nights ago, the 72nd Golden Globe Awards kicked off award season. I could go into a tirade like Ricky Gervais by making snarky comments about the beautiful, entitled ultra-wealthy people in Hollywood and television, but I won’t. I could even write an a la Fashion Police commentary onthe spectacular sartorial selections made […]

Summer Is Just Around the Corner;Nantucket Music Festival

Summer is festival season and the island paradise of Nantucket will get in on the fun with the inaugural Nantucket Music Festival (NMF), scheduled for August 2-3 at Tom Nevers Field, overlooking the Atlantic. As you might imagine, putting on a multi-day event like NMF constitutes a massive undertaking, complete with enough logistics to fill […]

Young PR Professionals; Worry About “Working Smart”

Last year, Princeton graduate Susan Patton, more commonly known as “Princeton Mom,” outraged females across the country after she wrote an open letter urging female students to find a husband on campus before they graduate. Taking it one step further, Patton has capitalized on her fame by publishing her own dating manual titled, “Marry Smart.” […]

Disney Successfully Launches New Campaign via Social Media

  Is your brand tweeting out effective messages in 140 characters or less? What about launching effective promotions? Disney recently launched a promotion by gathering 140 “characters” in full costume and placing them in the shape of a hashtag for a photo on Twitter. The photo opportunity was also paired with a press release to […]

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