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2015: Another Great Year for Higher Education, both Traditional and Online

  Right in our backyard we have one of the leading education institutions in New England, The University of Massachusetts System and its online platform, UMassOnline. With over 140 of University of Massachusetts degrees and certificates now available online, and more than 1,500 online courses offered annually, UMassOnline is proud to continue to cultivate the […]

Hooray for Hollywood!

  If you’re marketing a brand, one sure way to get attention is to get product placement in a major motion picture.   But even better is a compelling film about your brand.  Case in point:  Spotlight, which tells the tale of the Boston Globe’s investigative team and their coverage of child sex abuse in […]

HO-HO-HO! The Magic of Holiday PR

  While companies are winding down, and everyone even journalists seem to be taking time off, the holidays are a wonderful season to get even more exposure and media coverage for you and your company. Public relations professionals have been hard at work for weeks, if not months, creating heartwarming PR campaigns that could get […]

A Live Lesson in Crisis Communications

  On a scale of 1 to 10 for cringe-inducing, this one ranked a 20. Miss Universe host Steve Harvey broke the number one rule of running a pageant: he read the wrong name. His mistake caused Miss Colombia, the first runner-up, to be crowned Miss Universe, even if only for a few minutes. What […]

Holiday Joy? Kinda.

  Speaking in generalities, I think creatives have opened a door and walked their clients right through into a commercial reality in which people over 50 are still attractive and sexually viable, women come in all shapes and sizes, families sometimes have two moms or two dads, tattooed people are not criminals, love is dissolving […]

Home for the Holidays with Team Joanna       

  It’s no secret that Team Joanna is a bit culinary crazy. If you look at any of our Instagram accounts (Joanna, Alyssa, Ryan, Paloma, Allie), you wouldn’t be shocked to find an over-the-table shot of a delicious food spread or perhaps a quick snap of our photo-worthy breakfast or office snack. Typical Monday morning […]

The Importance of Building a Powerful Brand

  Branding is one of the hottest topics in business today. It has become the business buzzword. Indeed, some refer to it as a Branding Revolution. The reason couldn’t be more straightforward and underscores a clear business message in today’s crowded marketplace: Your brand defines the unique point of differentiation for your products and services […]

Prepare for Boston’s Arctic Months

  The sun is setting earlier and earlier every day.  There isn’t even a strong sunshine coming through your window to wake you up in the morning.  You occasionally see your breath as you chat during your stroll to the T.  You know what’s coming; winter. It’s the season where the wind nips your nose, […]

The Season of Giving

  Between Black Friday, the parties, the shopping and those long to-do lists, there is no doubt that the holiday season is hectic.  With all of this madness, it can often be easy to lose track of the true meaning of the holiday season. The holidays are all about giving – giving back, giving time, […]

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