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How to Leverage Holidays for PR

I love holidays!  And not just for the copious amounts of food or the (occasional) day off work.  I love them because more often than not, I can parlay them into some sort of media coverage for at least one of my clients.  Let’s face it, most news organizations know that they HAVE to do […]

Nature’s Art Village Launches Redesigned Website

  What do dinosaurs, fossils, gems, shopping, antiques, and a museum all have in common? If you are in Oakdale, Connecticut, just follow the giant dinosaur to figure it out. Nature’s Art Village is a 75 acre property with 12,000 feet of retail shops, an outdoor dinosaur park, indoor children’s activity center, antiques marketplace, and […]

Spring into Action: The Rebirth of New Ideas in Unpredictable Weather

  As I sit here typing on a late April day in 40 degree weather, I’m reminded of this unpredictable season and it’s parallels with the spur-of-the moment nature of the PR industry. Whether you’re creating content for a social media campaign or pitching a traditional Mother’s Day brunch, it’s important to keep one thing […]

What I’ve learned at Regan Communications

  With a Dunkin’ Donuts medium iced coffee in hand, I walked into Regan Communications Group’s Providence office to start my fifth college internship, ready to learn, succeed and gain new knowledge before entering the real world of post graduation. Weeks leading up to this experience of a lifetime, I knew that I was fortunate […]

8 Video Marketing Tips for Businesses

  Who, What, Where Who is your audience? What message do you want to convey? Where will this video be seen? The answers to these questions go a long way towards creating an effective video. Be sure to get input from all of the departments/decision makers in your organization. Make it professional These days everyone […]

Time to Derail the Hype Train?

  You see them on virtually every web page these days, underlined passages screaming “See this amazing speech! What she says at 1:35 will CHANGE YOUR LIFE!” “Her response to her bully is AMAZING!” “What this dad did next was EPIC!” “ As someone who has made the regrettable decision to click on a few […]

Randolph Eyewear’s Newest Collection: Amelia and Archer

  Randolph Engineering has revamped their classic aviators and created the Amelia and Archer collection-now available in stores and online. The Amelia pays homage to the iconic Amelia Earhart, the first female to fly solo across the Atlantic. This tear drop, light weight fashion-forward Aviator lends a careless, laid back air to any look. The Amelia […]


  The weeks leading up to the Boston Marathon are filled with both excitement and nervous energy, as thousands of runners from all over the world flock to the Hub to tackle the Marathon’s 26.2 miles, and thousands more gather to share in the experience all along the Marathon route and throughout the city of […]

Intellectual Property in the Social Media

  On April 26th every year, the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) celebrates World Intellectual Property Day to promote discussion of the role of IP in encouraging innovation and creativity. I was just reflecting upon this while advising copyrights to a potential client regarding the promotion of her children’s music and story books. Then our […]

How to Market to Millennials, As Told by a Millennial

  As with all publicity efforts, you need to get to know your audience—so who is a millennial? These 80 million individuals range between 15-35 years old and make up 25% of the US population. Besides these staggering numbers, this audience is unique in behavioral patterns and values when compared to the generations before. Some […]

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