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Shooting Video on a Green Screen

  Green screen videos are nothing new. If you’ve ever watched the weather report on the news, you’ve seen a green screen at work. As the name suggests, a green screen is a green background used for video production. The green background can be replaced in post production with a cityscape, mountain range, graphics or […]

The Art of a Successful Rebrand

  Anytime a company is looking to rebrand, the transition needs to be done seamlessly and strategically. Keeping this process organized is a task in itself. Here are the top three things to make the changeover effectively: Don’t rush the process. Many will be excited and want to get the new design out there in […]

Team NYC Does #NYFW 2015

As if New York City isn’t already overwhelming enough for the common folk, this past week NYC was bombarded graced with the hustle and bustle of New York Fashion Week, otherwise known as #NYFW. This year, Regan Communications was able to get in on the action. Take a look:  On Thursday, February 12, RCG client Capitale NY kicked off Fashion […]

Making the best of this New England weather

With the record amounts of snowfall we’ve had, it’s difficult to see springtime in our future. It seems with every Sunday comes another record-breaking storm, and with it, another cold and difficult beginning to each work week. When is it going to end?! As New Englanders, we are prepared for all weather patterns. Extreme snow […]

What the MBTA needs to do

The past three weeks haven’t been kind to Massachusetts, with a record-setting winter in both snowfall and sub-freezing temperatures. Snow accumulation that would typically make up two or even three winters has fallen in less than a month. Not surprisingly, people are frustrated and taking those frustrations out on the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA), […]

Record Snow Fall = Record Short Fall

This record  snow fall has been one for the books–the accounting books, that is. Businesses such as Dependable Cleaners, a dry cleaning chain with 16 locations throughout Greater Boston, has started to feel the pinching effects of closing its doors during this winter’s historic weather. Dependable Cleaners has had to close all 16 of its […]

Protecting your Online Identity

News of data breaches at major companies, such as Target, Sony, JP Morgan Chase, Anthem, and more have resulted in a tidal wave of security concerns for consumers, businesses and government officials alike.   These incidents are a PR nightmare for the businesses involved in the breaches, but they are also a PR opportunity for businesses […]

“Discover” What Just Changed on Snapchat

With such a large following of teens and 20-somethings, Snapchat is trying to stay up-to-date with the ever-changing world that is social media. This past week, Snapchat released their newest update to their loyal and addicted app-holders. The new look proves that the messaging app is becoming much more than six second disappearing pictures to […]

Taking Proactive to the Next Level

Last fall, I wrote a blog post for Alchemy that featured a long-form advert that mashed up the Internet’s obsession with cat-based cuteness and the super-cut, sweaty aggro look of sports apparel and fitness beverage spots. It spoke of my admiration for this fully blown viral campaign for Mars Petcare’s Temptations Treats for Cats. The […]

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