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Campaigning for Councilman Bill Linehan

When councilman Bill Linehan needed a campaign video for his upcoming reelection bid, his camp turned to the Regan Original Video team for help.  Unlike the mud slinging and info-dumping associated with your average campaign ad, Linehan wanted to flip the script and turn the camera on himself, focusing on his strong community ties and […]


In marketing and PR, you have to wear many different hats.  You have to always be there for your client to help get word out about their product and so forth.  And you certainly always need to be ready to troubleshoot. You may think that simply having your smart phone on you will keep you […]

World Series and Boston Economy

Most of Red Sox Nation wanted a World Series sweep, just like we had in 2004 and 2007.  But it’s going to be a longer series, and that could be a huge win for Boston’s economy.   According to the Greater Boston Convention & Visitors Bureau, a public relations client of Regan Communications, each World Series […]

How to Maximize Your Social Media Campaign During the Holidays

It’s no secret that the biggest shopping time of the year is just a few short weeks away. As communicators, planning ahead is crucial to the success of our business’ during the holiday season. Most of us tend to prepare for the holiday season at the beginning of November and the most populated days of […]

What the World Series can teach us about Public Relations

  The World Series began last night at Fenway Park and things are looking good for our Red Sox!  While watching, I took away a few concepts that apply to public relations: Teamwork is Key In order for the Red Sox to win the World Series, they must first and foremost continue to work as […]

Why Your Web Site Needs to be Mobile

A mobile website utilizes technology that enables your web site to be compatible with smartphone or tablet devices in navigation, layout, and user experience. Mobile usage has skyrocketed, but it is not just a smaller, faster, cheaper IT fad! Mobile devices have shifted power to the pockets of millions of consumers.  It is fast becoming […]

Doesn’t Everyone Speak iPhone? PR Lessons in Tech Lingo

The number one challenge working with Technology clients and focusing on Technology PR is how to bring a tech client’s story out of the tech industry box, and into the consumer market. It is even more challenging to translate their tech speak into a message that the average consumer would be able to understand – […]

Mohegan Sun Brewfest

Mohegan Sun recently hosted their second annual Sun Brewfest; a celebration of one of the oldest, most finely crafted beverages of them all: Beer. The event offered two separate tasting sessions featuring more than 100 varieties of Craft and Microbrews to Imports & Domestics and limited editions, live entertainment, concluding with a Sunday morning “BrewBrunch.” […]

Marketing & PR: Is it the same? Do you need one to do the other?

After working in both marketing and PR, I have come to the conclusion that each discipline has its main purposes and functions.  For both disciplines, there are certainly a number of techniques used to implement and execute successful plans.  A number of colleagues have asked me “What are the major differences between marketing and PR?”  […]

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